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The Importance of Annual Will Reviews in National Make-A-Will Month

Time to ReviewBy: Anthony Cetrangelo, Jr., Esq.

August is National Make-A-Will Month. There’s no better occasion to highlight the importance of preparing a Last Will and Testament and ensuring it remains updated year after year. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and creating a will is a task to be taken seriously or done once and forgotten. While there are numerous factors to consider, below are a few matters that should be reviewed annually in your Last Will and Testament.

Financial Changes

Reflect on your financial situation and any changes that have occurred over the past year. Your wealth, assets, and liabilities may have evolved, making it crucial to revisit your will and make necessary adjustments. An annual review allows you to ensure that your hard-earned assets are distributed according to your current wishes, reducing the risk of disputes among your beneficiaries.

Changes in Family Dynamics

Births, marriages, divorces, and even the passing of loved ones can significantly impact your beneficiaries and estate planning. By reviewing your will annually, you can adapt your provisions to encompass these changes and ensure your intentions align with your current family situation.

Changing Laws and Regulations

It is vital to be aware of any changes in estate planning laws and regulations. Legislation can vary from year to year, and staying informed is crucial to keeping your will up-to-date and legally sound. An annual review allows you to stay on top of any modifications in laws, ensuring your will’s validity and adherence to the latest legal requirements.

Evolving Personal Wishes

Take the opportunity to reflect on your personal wishes and aspirations. Your life goals, philanthropic interests, and charitable inclinations may have changed since you last created your will. An annual review empowers you to modify your provisions, leaving a legacy that truly reflects your present values and passions.

Executor and Trustee Selection

Selecting the right executor and trustee to carry out your wishes effectively is of utmost importance. However, people’s circumstances and relationships can shift over time. By reviewing your will annually, you can ensure that your chosen individuals are still the best fit for these vital roles or make appropriate replacements.

Bottom Line

As National Make-A-Will Month shines a light on the importance of estate planning, it serves as a valuable reminder to review your Last Will and Testament annually. Life is ever-changing, and your will should evolve along with it to protect your loved ones and secure your legacy. By regularly revisiting and updating your will, you demonstrate foresight, responsibility, and care for your family’s future. Those needing assistance may contact me at

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