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What if My Pet Outlives Me?

By: Gregory Herman-Giddens, JD, LLM, TEP, CFP® Many of us have spent considerable time planning for the care of our spouse and/or children in the event of our deaths or if we become ill or incapacitated. However, since we usually assume we will outlive them, we often forget to provide […]

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What is a Parent’s Obligation to Support Adult Children?

By: Beth T. Vogelsang, Esquire Korey Fernandez turned 18 years old on May 22, 2010, the age of legal emancipation in the State of Florida. Ordinarily this would have terminated the legal obligation of Korey’s parents to support her. In Korey’s case, however, she succeeded in filing a lawsuit against […]

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What is a Lady Bird Deed?

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson The Lady Bird Deed is a very hot topic in Florida (no pun intended). Few know, however, what exactly a “Lady Bird Deed” is and where did that odd name come from? If you can recall your history lessons, you […]

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