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Family Law New Year’s Resolutions: Selflessness

Kayla Richmond of Henderson Franklin’s Family Law practice suggests that those involved in a divorce should think to resolve to practice selflessness. Specifically, divorce is often caused when one or both parties in the marriage were selfish (displayed by affairs, excessive spending, working too much, not spending time with the family, etc.).

If you are in a struggling marriage and contemplating divorce, practice selflessness and work on your marriage – it could save you from a lot of heartbreak and expense in divorcing. For those involved in divorce proceedings, practice selflessness in not seeking more than allowable under the law – if you can live with $300 in support payments, don’t walk into court asking for $3,000 and waste money on litigation expenses. After divorce, practice selflessness by allowing flexibility in child-rearing agreements you have made with your ex-spouse, as there will be times you will need that flexibility reciprocated.

Kayla can be reached at or by phone at 239-344-1156.

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