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Eminent Domain

Henderson Franklin's attorneys assist clients in all phases of eminent domain and condemnation matters.

Eminent domain is the power of governmental entities, and certain non-governmental entities, to take privately-owned property and use it for a public purpose, with full compensation given for the taking. Henderson Franklin assists people, businesses, and others faced with condemnation and assists governmental and non-governmental entities that need to acquire property interests for a public purpose.

Our attorneys advise clients in all phases of the takings process, whether opposing a taking or seeking to acquire a property interest for a public purpose.  We can assist clients in the following areas:

  • Pre-taking planning
  • Order of Taking hearings; and
  • Mediation and trial of eminent domain cases

In addition, our clients also benefit from Henderson Franklin's extensive resources provided by our other practice areas. For example, our eminent domain attorneys work closely with the attorneys in our real estate department to take advantage of their specialized knowledge of matters affecting eminent domain, such as title questions and access issues.

For further assistance in this practice area, contact Carlos Kelly by phone, 239.344.1326 or by email,