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Intellectual Property Transactions

Intellectual Property Creation

Perhaps the most important step in protecting intellectual property is ensuring that proper contracts are put in place to ensure that your venture owns all of the intellectual property generated by both employees and independent contractors. Henderson Franklin's IP transaction attorneys routinely draft such contracts including non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements, and can help best position your venture to defend against possible future ownership challenges.

Intellectual Property Licensing

While many intellectual property owners choose to exploit such intellectual property directly, many others exploit such assets through third party licensing. Our IP attorneys can your venture monetize its patents, trademarks and copyrights through preparing and administering an appropriate licensing program.

Intellectual Property Transfers

Many intellectual property assets are transferred (often several times) during their lifecycle. If your venture is looking to buy or sell an intellectual property asset, we can help. Henderson Franklin’s IP attorneys have experience in a variety of intellectual property transfers such as patent, trademark and copyright assignments as well as specialized mergers and acquisitions of IP holding companies.

Specialized Intellectual Property Transactions

Each venture is unique and many require specialized intellectual property transactions. We can help meet your venture’s specialized needs; including preparing joint inventor/co-author agreements, preparing joint venture agreements, manufacturing/supply agreements and overseeing the creation of specialized intellectual property holding companies.

For further assistance in this practice area, please contact one of Henderson Franklin's Intellectual Property Transaction Attorneys Mark Nieds at 239-344-1153 or by email at or or Lee Rendeiro at 239-344-1179 or by email at

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