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Jacqueline Jordan Herr, known to her friends as "Jacque", has spent twenty-three years working in the Florida State Court System, with job titles ranging from Pretrial Services Officer to Judicial Assistant. She has always enjoyed working with a team, preparing for cases, and helping to attain favorable case resolutions. Her exposure to every division of the court system and the support she received there, including a 16th Circuit “Chief Judge’s Commendation”, inspired Jacque to return to college as a single mom and obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies - thirty years after high school! She has been FDLE certified, and she is actively working on her NALA certification.

Jacque is now married to someone as adventurous as she is. Together they kayak, bike, and golf. Jacque’s favorite activity is running, and she’s training for a half marathon by the end of the year.